Our Shipping  Policy
You can trust that your order will be quickly processed and safely delivered.
We can ship products ordered as gifts to your friends and relatives anywhere in the Philippines (Metro Manila and all major cities in the Philippines). Choose your delivery destination from the shopping page and select PREPAID SHIPPING during final checkout.
When you place an order we will estimate delivery dates based upon the availability of your item(s), shipping method selected and your shipment’s destination. Our shipping charges are determined by the shipping weight and area of destination and applicable sales tax and insurance. Some products cannot be shipped to international destinations so please submit a message to us from the Contact Us page if you would like to discuss international ordering options.
Orders received and accepted for shipment outside the Philippines will be delivered via Registered Air Parcel, EMS (Express Mail Services), or door-to-door via FEDEX, UPS, DHL, etc.

Cancellation of orders prior to shipping and during security check procedure is subject to 15% up to 25% cancellation surcharge.
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Price Ranges
Shipping Rates

For areas within Philippines only

Metro Manila
US$ 6.00

See areas covered

Outside Metro Manila (Luzon Areas)
US$ 9.00 (Gift Box only)
5-6 days delivery

Provincial Delivery
US$ 15.00 / 10kg max.
(Gift Box only)

Appliances & Oversize Items
US$ 45.00 / 10kg max
US$ 90.00 /40kg max
(Add US$ 1.60 per additional kg)
6-7 days delivery