Privacy & Security

Use of information

Information collected by eBUY Philippines  about its users is used internally by authorized employees of eBUY for two main purposes. First, we collect information in order to identify which areas, features, and products our users like the most and find most helpful, so that we can continue to improve the site. Second, we collect information in order to personalize the site for our users (for example, it allows us to recommend products or features based on what you have liked in the past).

On occasion, eBUY Philippines Cyberstore may share non-personal, summary information about our users with unrelated third parties.

Cookies and IP addresses

We do not and cannot use cookies or IP address tracking to retrieve personal information from your computer. To find out what cookies and IP addresses are, keep reading.

Cookies: At times we send your computer a "cookie," a small data file that's stored on your hard drive. We use cookies to give you better, more personalized service once you've bought something from us or become a member of eBUY. This information is for our internal use only; we don't share it with others. You're always free to decline our cookies if your browser permits, but some parts of our site may not work properly for you if you do. Note: you may see advertising on our site that originates with outside advertisers and/or advertising agencies. In some cases, if you click on or view these ads, the advertiser will assign a cookie. eBUY does not and cannot control these cookies.

IP address tracking: All computers and servers on the Internet use IP addresses to recognize and communicate with each other. Collecting IP addresses allows us to administer and analyze our site and report non-personal information (such as how many members we have) to sponsors and advertisers. When you call up an eBUY SHOPPING page on your computer, eBUY servers enter the IP address of that computer into a log. To maintain our users' anonymity, eBUY Philippines Cyberstore does not associate IP addresses with records containing personal information.

Other sites

Please note that if you provide any information on your own or directly to parties who provide service to our network or to Internet sites other than eBUY (even if these sites display the eBUY name and logo in addition to their own), different rules may apply to their use or disclosure of any personal information you might give them. We encourage you to investigate and ask questions before disclosing information to third parties.

Online surveys and contests

Sometimes we conduct user surveys to find out how we can improve our site for you. We may share non-personal information about our users with partners or other third parties. For example, we might disclose that a certain percentage of our users are female. But we will not sell personal information to or share any personal information with an unrelated third party without your consent. Sometimes we and our sponsors offer contests and sweepstakes in which we request certain personal information. For example, a sponsor might require your name and e-mail address to participate in a contest. Because the rules and terms of each promotion can vary, all information about the contest is posted during the event, and those disclosures shall override anything to the contrary in this policy.

General security

Your credit card, your personal information, and your password are safe. We use the latest encryption technologies, rigorous password protections, and limits on the number of people who have access to your information, all to guard against unauthorized access to your data.

Sponsored promotional pages

eBUY may publish promotional pages sponsored by advertisers who offer products and promotional information that might be of interest to you, including contests, free samples, discounts, etc. We clearly identify these pages. Sometimes the advertiser or eBUY will request personal information from users. Because the rules and terms of each promotion can vary, all information is posted during the event. Different rules may apply to these sponsors' use or disclosure of any personal information you might give them. We encourage you to investigate and ask questions before disclosing information to third parties.


eBUY Philippines  may modify this privacy policy at any time, and such modifications shall be effective as soon as the modified policy is posted. Accordingly, you agree to review the policy periodically, and your continued access or use of this site shall be deemed your acceptance of the modified agreement.

Limits on our Liabilities

Although your privacy is very important to us, in the existing legal regulatory and security environment, we cannot fully ensure that your private communications and other personal information will not be disclosed to third parties. For example, third parties might unlawfully intercept or access transmissions or private communications. In addition, in the unlikely event we need to investigate or resolve possible problems or inquiries, we can (and you authorize us to do so) disclose any information about you to private entities and law enforcement or other government officials as we, in our sole discretion, believe necessary or appropriate.

Security for personal information

eBUY Philippines Cyberstore won't intentionally collect any personally identifiable information about you except when you specifically provide us with it. For example, if you become a member of eBUY to take advantage of certain features, we ask for your e-mail address. When you sign up for MyeBUY membership, you can also sign up to receive promotional offers and information from eBUY. We won't sell or disclose your personally identifiable information to unrelated third parties without your consent. However, on particular pages where we ask for your personal information, we may explicitly tell you that the data we're collecting on that page might be shared with third parties, such as sponsors or parties providing services to our users. In such cases, those disclosures shall override anything to the contrary in this policy. For example, before you submit answers to questions we ask in an advertiser-sponsored promotion or service, we'll tell you that your answers might be shared with that advertiser. In all of these cases, we'll collect personally identifiable information only if you voluntarily submit it to us or our sponsors.

Credit card security

We take every precaution to ensure that shopping at eBUY Philippines Cyberstore is safe and secure. Our credit card transactions are processed by a major international bank. When you fill in the payment form and click the submit button, an encrypted 128 bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) link is set up between your browser and our shopping cart server. An encryption code is then requested and received, which then encrypts you order and the credit card details before they leave your computer. All our internal processing systems are protected by a firewall and use non-public IP addresses, which makes them completely invisible to the Internet. This technology safeguards your personal information and privacy.

Your consent

By using our web site, you consent to our Terms of Use policy.

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