DENGUE-AID Tawa-Tawa (Euphorbia hirta Linn) Herbal Capsules, 300mg (30 capsules)

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Tawa-Tawa Herbal Drink Capsules 300mg (30 capsules)
Improves Low Platelet.
Recommended  for children ages 12 and below.

Increases Blood Platelet and Helps As an Aid for Recuperation for Dengue Fever Victims. 

Dengue-Aid is a potent herbal supplement which utilizes the extracts from Euphorbia hirta Linn herbs which is widely known as “Tawa-Tawa”. It is taken from the leaves, stems and roots of E. hirta Linn which all contain essential nutrients that are vital for its efficacy. Above all, its formulation is purely organic and grounded thoroughly into 60 meshes.

Tawa-Tawa had been widely known to be used as a decoction for dengue fever victims due to its profound properties on increasing the body’s blood platelet count which is normally low once an individual is under this serious viral infection.Dengue fever can cause thrombocytopenia by direct infection of bone marrow megakaryocytes as well as immunological shortened platelet survival.

A few research study shows that subjects taking in Tawa-Tawa regularly reveals an increase in the their blood platelet count compared to conducted pretest which helps a dengue fever victim who normally has a very low platelet count  to recuperate quicker than others

Servings Per Container: 30 capsules

Suggested Use:
Take thrice daily within a week or until platelet count increase.  Recommended best for children ages 12 and below.

For Children who are not able to swallow a capsule,  mix the capsule contents with any powdered milk or sugar and feed directly. Drink plenty of water.

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